Another Gospel: A Review

There is much talk in evangelical churches today about professing Christians—usually, high profile professing Christians—undergoing a process of “deconstruction” whereby they come to question, and often completely abandon, their faith. Some try to maintain a claim to Christianity but what they ultimately embrace is…

Review: Talking Back to Purity Culture

When I saw Rachel Welcher inviting people to join a book launch team to promote her forthcoming book—Talking Back to Purity Culture: Rediscovering Faithful Christian Sexuality—I was a little sceptical. The book is billed as a response to “purity culture’s complicated legacy.” I had…

Review: Not Forsaken

I first came across Jennifer Michelle Greenberg when someone I follow on Twitter recommended hers as a thoughtful but funny account to follow. I quickly learned that she had recently written a book: Not Forsaken, published by the Good Book Company. The opening sentences…

Review: Unfollow

It began in 1991. A local independent Baptist Church in Kansas began picketing at a nearby park popular with gay men. Citing Romans 1:32, the protestors paraded handmade signs proclaiming that gays deserve death.

The church’s pastor, Fred Phelps, had taught his small flock that loving one’s neighbour meant warning them of judgement to come. “We always equated love with rebuke. As long as we believed our words to be truthful, we were free to rebuke the rest of the world at any time, in any place, and in any way we wanted.” Before long, protests expanded to include demonstrations at the funerals of gay people, military veterans, and disaster victims. The church believed that these deaths were divine punishment for a nation with corrupt values. They alone knew the truth and were God’s vehicles for warning the nation of coming destruction.

Review—What’s a Girl Worth?

Rachael Denhollander was the first woman to publicly accuse Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics doctor, of sexual assault. What’s a Girl Worth? is her story of survival, unmasking Nassar as a sexual predator, and the institutional cover-ups that allowed him to perpetrate his behaviour for more than twenty years. It is a gripping, if at times uncomfortable, read, detailing her childhood, her gymnastics career, Nassar’s assault at the Michigan State University clinic, the long road that led to her speaking out, and the victory that the survivors achieved after the lengthy investigation and trial process.

Review: The Case for Christ

Unbelievers will no doubt find great cause to entrench themselves further in their scepticism. Believers may be tempted to think that the evidence presented in the film—if, perhaps, accompanied by a reading of the source material—provides a slam dunk case for the authenticity of the Gospel accounts. Ultimately, the film will be best enjoyed by those who avoid both extremes and instead sit down to enjoy a biopic of one man’s journey from scepticism to faith.

Review: I’m Not Ashamed

There is wisdom in preventing younger children from viewing the film, but teenagers and adults may appreciate the story of one teen girl’s struggle with faith and trust in the God who doesn’t waste anything—not even the bad things.

Review: Fight!

I was first introduced to Preston Sprinkle through his book Charis, which tackles the enormity of God’s grace toward his people. Since then, I have come to respect Dr. Sprinkle. I have found him to be a theologian who really challenges my thinking. Even…

Review: Praying Together

“What is the best book on ____________?” I see and hear that question asked all the time. You fill in the blank: spiritual warfare, baptism, the local church, preaching, etc. It’s a question, of course, that invites highly subjective answers. Where I might recommend…

Review: Four Views on Hell (Second Edition)

Back in December 2011 I read a book in the Counterpoints series titled Four Views on Hell. Published in 1992, this book brings together the scholarship of four different authors to debate the nature of hell. The first edition presented four different interpretations of…