As I stated previously, I am unconvinced that Catholicism should rightly be considered a cult. The Catholic faith is rooted in historic Christian truth. While this is true, I am persuaded that the truth has been so obscured by Catholic tradition that the foundation is crumbling. Protestant Reformers reacted strongly […]

Reformation 500: Appealing to authority

I was first introduced to Preston Sprinkle through his book Charis, which tackles the enormity of God’s grace toward his people. Since then, I have come to respect Dr. Sprinkle. I have found him to be a theologian who really challenges my thinking. Even when I ultimately disagree with him, […]

Review: Fight!

This year celebrates the five hundredth year of the Protestant Reformation. While significant attempts were made earlier than 1517 to reform the Catholic Church (think Peter Waldo, John Wycliffe or John Hus), it was really the publication of Luther’s 95 Theses that kicked off the Reformation in earnest. Luther (and […]

Reformation 500: Catholicism—Christless Cult or Christian Christ?

In our ongoing consideration of the seven things that God hates, we have considered “haughty eyes,” “a lying tongue,” “hands that shed innocent blood,” “a heart that devises wicked plans,” “feet that make haste to run to evil” and “a false witness who breathes out lies.” The seventh thing that […]

Holy hatred: One who sows discord among brothers

“What is the best book on ____________?” I see and hear that question asked all the time. You fill in the blank: spiritual warfare, baptism, the local church, preaching, etc. It’s a question, of course, that invites highly subjective answers. Where I might recommend The Compelling Community as a book […]

Review: Praying Together

The British poet John Dryden once wrote, “Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the cement of all societies.” The God of the Bible is a God of truth, and in the list of seven things that he hates, we have already considered “a lying tongue.” But Solomon also […]

Holy hatred: A false witness who breathes out lies

Four pastors were sitting down to lunch. Having just read James 5, in which James urges his readers to confess their sins to one another (v. 16), one suggested that they practice what they had read. They all agreed, and so the first pastor said, “I have been a little […]

Holy hatred: Feet that make haste to run to evil

Have you ever watched a film or read a book—perhaps a horror, a crime thriller, or even an action title involving some elaborate criminal scheme—and thought, who comes up with this stuff? Have you ever read or heard of some act of real-life wickedness and wondered, what kind of a […]

Holy hatred: A heart that devises wicked plans

The story is told of a three-year-old girl with a pet tortoise. One day, the tortoise would not emerge from its shell, so the concerned little girl took the reptile to her mother. When her mother could not coax the animal out, she concluded that it must have died. Carefully […]

Holy hatred: Hands that shed innocent blood

On 11 September 2001, Tania Head was working for Merrill Lynch in the south tower of the World Trade Centre. After the second Boeing 767 ploughed into her floor, a dying colleague pleaded desperately with her to return his wedding ring to his wife. She agreed, but passed out as […]

Holy hatred: A lying tongue